PhD in Development Economics – Remembering John F. Nash Jr.

By Austine Archibong

I was researching on doing a PhD in Development Economics in the United States when I read about A Beautiful Mind. I had stumbled on the name when the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize winner (Economics) died in 2015 in a tragic incident.

The Princeton grad did the impossible when he completed his PhD program in TWO YEARS at 21! Comparatively, after two years, many students are rounding up coursework and have barely begun work on their dissertation which could take another 2-5 years.

An average scholar these days would take five years to finish the PhD Econs, after fighting off admission competition with GRE scores in 320+ range and having to maintain B+ in coursework.

Nash is known for his work on the Game Theory, Differential Geometry and PDE. Is there any link between geniuses and mental disorder?